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Case Study
Solution for 2500 pallets relocation


Company: Toll Fast operates in major capital cities throughout Australia providing a vast range of services which could be as simple as a point to point bicycle courier in the CBD through to a multi-vehicle specialised heavy haulage project.

Industry: Warehouse Storage and Distribution

Location: Located in Homebush servicing Australia

Thomas and Betts

Thomas and Betts

Company: Thomas & Betts Bringing the Power of Electricity into Your Life

Every day, everywhere, hundreds of millions of electrical products get plugged in. From personal care appliances to industrial production machinery, we depend upon electricity to support the life we enjoy. It takes a lot more than an outlet on the wall to bring the power of electricity into our lives. It takes boxes and fittings. Connectors and fasteners. Wiring duct and terminal. Cable tray and superstrut. Grounding and insulation. Dropline hardware and high voltage rubber goods. Transmission poles and towers.

A racking solution for Kortek

Company: Kortek Pty Ltd (Australia) Kortek Australia is the distributor of Kortek Corporation and the business is in involved in Industrial Display development and protection, Casino Display, IWB – Interactive White Board, Medical Monitors, PID- Public Information Display, Multi Display, Custom LCD and Touch Solutions

Industry: Display solutions for the entertainment and gaming machine industry.

Location: Currently servicing Australia

Challenges: A racking solution for Kortek presented situation challenges that meant a standard Selective Pallet Racking solution would not work in this situation.

Kortek had purchased a new forklift from Crown lift trucks. This type of forklift is a straddle type that has legs extended out the front of the machine. This presented two problems or the pallet racking system required.

Firstly this limits the options of pallet racking and secondly the straddle legs may hit truck wheels when loading and unloading trucks.

In addition Kortek also had custom pallets built to suit their stock requirements that were outside of the standard pallet size. A standard pallet is 1165mm x 1165mm in footprint with Korteks’ pallets varying from as little as 780mm x 1100mm to 1390mm x 1100mm. The pallets are odd sizes and also are not of suitable construction to use on standard pallet racking.

Moreover, Kortek also needed future proofing enabling the storage of heavier pallets on the lower beam levels if the need ever arose. Generally, pallet racking is load rated uniformly therefore to ensure the racking was safe we needed to indicate the split rating of the pallet racking.

Big Challenge from Schletter Australia

Company name: Schletter Australia is a developer and producer of aluminium and high grade steel mounting products based in Prestons, NSW. Servicing Australia wide. For over 30 years Schletter has offered its customers across the globe solutions for solar mounting systems, traffic engineering, trade fair construction - advertising (POS) and environmental technology. Sustainability and innovation has always been their main objective.

Industry: Aluminium

Location: Prestons NSW

Challenges: We had three challenges to overcome in providing the correct solution for Schletter Australia. Our challenges were:

  • The Selective Pallet Racking  was of an unknown brand that we have never worked with before. The pallet racking was also being shipped from overseas.
  • The Pallet Racking quantities, sizes and capacities were not finalised
  • The Selective Pallet Racking was designed to store Euro pallets. Therefore the pallet racking had components not used in Australia.


Pallet Rack Mezzanine

Company: Soxon Pty Ltd t/as A & K Filter is an Australian manufacturer of air filters and a supplier of kitchen exhaust filters.

Industry: Filters and Filter Services

Location: Ingleburn NSW 2565 (Sydney Metro)

Challenges: The Mezzanine was located in an existing warehouse of a business that the customer had purchased and needed to be relocated into their existing business’s premises. The Mezzanine was poorly built and had had many additions that were unsafe and not structurally sound.

Custom Racking Solution for Water Tank Storage

The standard Drive In Pallet Racking systems are designed to store standard Australian pallets of 1165mm x 1165mm. However, there are times when standard storage systems are not adequate for very specific situations such as the instance of a Plastics manufacturer in Sydney who needed a specific design and installation process for the storage of their water tanks.

watertank racking watertank racking watertank racking


Case Study