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Better Racking Solutions can assists in design, supply and installation of Raised Storage Areas and Mezzanine Floors. All of our systems are designed with 1.0m hand railings, hand railing kick plates, stairs and where necessary pallet/product load gates. These systems can be varied to match the weight capacity needed.

Pallet Rack MezzaninePallet Rack Mezzanine (Raised Storage Area)

Using a Pallet Racking framework for a Raised Storage Area can have many benefits. When looking at a Raised Storage Area there are 2 options to consider:

•    The Pallet Racking is used to support the floor only leaving the area completely open on top of the Raised Storage and open in between the frames underneath.
•    The Pallet Racking Uprights actually extend through the floor of the Raised Storage Area. This allows the shelving beams to be used to create medium to heavy duty shelving both under and above the floor.

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Structural MezzanineStructural Mezzanine

A Structural Mezzanine uses a heavy duty, fabricated steel framework. The usual load capacity is around 500kg per square metre, however they can be altered to suit your requirements.

This type of storage is useful for business with high roofs that want to avoid staff climbing high ladders.

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