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Frequently Asked Questions
Shown below are some of the questions Better Racking Solutions is asked:

Q: What are the advantages of buying either New or Second Hand Equipment?
A: Better Racking Solutions aims to inspect and supply only quality second hand racking and equipment. We cannot however guarantee how the racking has been used or stored prior to Better Racking Solutions trading in or buying the racking. Second hand racking is usually cheaper than new racking depending on supply and demand at the time.
All new racking and shelving supplied by Better Racking Solutions are backed by a minimum 3 year manufacturer’s warranty with some of our manufacturer’s offering a 10 year warranty. Purchasing or leasing new racking can also have additional tax/leasing benefits that a second hand purchase may not (speak to your tax professional before purchasing).

This means that not only will the all new racking and equipment be guaranteed to complete the job it will look good too!

Q: Is Better Racking Solutions insured against damage or injury to our staff during installation?
A: Better Racking Solutions takes every precaution to ensure both our installers and your staff have minimal exposure to anything that might injure them.

Better Racking Solutions is covered by its $20,000,000 Public Liability insurance and has full Worker’s Compensation Cover for our installers.

Q: How do I know what warehouse solutions I need?
A: Better Racking Solutions can visit your warehouse and design a complete solution customised to you business. If a site visit is not suitable, or for small purchases, we can usually suggest and/or design and solution for you over the phone and via email.

Q: I can install Pallet Racking myself, do I need installation from Better Racking Solutions?
A: If the pallet racking is installed according to the Australian Standard and the manufacturer’s specifications, then there is no problem installing the pallet racking yourself. However, Better Racking Solutions employs experienced installers and installation is a core part of our business. Our installers can usually complete any installation in around half the time that you would complete it yourself. All installations are completed according to the relevant Australian Standards and we are equipped with the necessary tools and safety equipment to have the job done professionally and safely.
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