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New Pallet Racking versus Used Pallet Racking

The question between New and Used pallet racking is a common dilemma for companies when deciding on their pallet racking needs. There are pros and cons for both new and used pallet racking and hence careful consideration is needed.


Used pallet racking will generally always be cheaper than new pallet racking. There are many aspects that affect the price of used pallet racking such as; availability, quality, brand and demand. These factors cause the price to constantly rise and fall according to the factors that are strongest at the time.

New pallet racking also has different factors that cause the price to rise and fall such as; the price of steel, demand and in some cases the Australian dollar. As more and more companies are getting some or all of their components manufactured overseas the strong Australian Dollar is causing prices to drop.

Warehouse Safety and Rack Armour

Pallet racking generally receives most if its damage around the base of the pallet racking frame post. The damage to the pallet racking frame is generally due to forklift or pallet impact. The Rack Armour product is a very simple and effective product to help minimise the damage done to pallet racking. This product simply wraps around the front upright post of a pallet racking frame. The Rack Armour is stretched open to fit around the base of the pallet racking post and reverts back to its original form, hugging the pallet racking post tightly. This eliminates any need to mechanically fix the Rack Armour to the pallet racking or into the concrete floor.

What You Need to Consider Before Purchasing a Pallet Racking System

When considering the type of pallet racking system your warehouse will require there will be vital information you will need in order to make the correct decision. Cost consideration issues will commence with the financial feasibility of actually moving into a bigger warehouse? This may appear to be a simple question on the surface as your immediate and apparent needs may strongly suggest that the solution is to move into a larger warehouse.

Do Your Homework Before Buying Pallet Racking

When considering the type, brand and supplier for you pallet racking you should evaluate various criteria prior to purchasing to ensure you make the correct choices. Firstly, your criteria will be the quality of the racking system you require.