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Custom Racking Solution for Water Tank Storage

The standard Drive In Pallet Racking systems are designed to store standard Australian pallets of 1165mm x 1165mm. However, there are times when standard storage systems are not adequate for very specific situations such as the instance of a Plastics manufacturer in Sydney who needed a specific design and installation process for the storage of their water tanks.


Due the shape and size of the water tanks that needed storage none of the standard existing pallet racking systems available were able to offer a shelving solution. In addition storage requirements were large with a need to store over two hundred and fifty water tanks within a designated area for supply chain needs.

The solution to the storage and shelving problem was to customise the design and installation of the drive in pallet racking solution whilst at the same time not exceeding the allocated budget excessively. Hence, a combination of custom and existing racking components was devised.

Often, even in situations were a custom solution is required there may be a way around an expensive complete new solution with some lateral thinking and being able to use as many standard components as is possible. This will save you thousands of dollars.

Developing an idea using the Drive In Pallet Racking principles and using only Selective Pallet Racking components was the solution for this application. Your consultant will be the best person to speak with on your specific situation.

This customised Drive In Racking system consisted on 5 rows of Selective Pallet Racking, one in front of the other. This system provided 3 beam levels with a level at the very top and 2 levels spaced evenly below. The design incorporated a middle section cut out within the 2 lower levels to allow forklift access for stock retrieval and storage. This was a huge time saving innovation and also added to the long term cost savings of storage and retrieval.

Galvanised angled sheeting was fixed onto the ends of the 'cut off' beams, which supported the feet of the water tanks. As a final addition large cross bracing was fixed right across the top of the structure to minimise any twisting or swaying in adverse weather.

This situation is typical of the wide and varied nature of the needs for storage and shelving solutions in warehouses and factories and commercial premises. Often standard pallet racking and shelving solutions are perfect however as in this example there can be legitimate needs for a custom design and installation requirement. And at all times you should speak with an expert as you'll save huge dollars in the long run by avoiding costly errors if you try and take short cuts or attempt solutions on your own.

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Custom Racking Solution for Water Tank Storage