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Some of the many services we offer, include the following:
Site Visit – Better Racking Solutions can organise a site visit to measure up for Pallet Racking and Shelving. However, as we incur a cost for this service we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do this for smaller projects. We request that our customers take a few measurements prior to contacting us if they only require a small amount of Pallet Racking or Shelving. Having a few measurements ready prior to the initial contact can speed along the whole quoting process.
Warehouse Design – Our innovative design team can help professionally design specific layouts for your Pallet Racking, Shelving and other warehouse storage systems to meet your requirements.  We use a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program, along with our measurements of your warehouse, to create a drawing of your warehouse. We then add in all the required Pallet Racking, Shelving and warehouse supplies to maximise the use of available space.
Installation Better Racking Solutions’ experienced team of installers work to have racking ready for use as per schedules pre set out. Better Racking Solutions will then clean up any mess made and remove any rubbish, if a suitable rubbish collection service is not available.
As part of the pallet racking installation we will complete the following tasks:
  • All pallet racking frames will be assembled, if they have been shipped flat packed.
  • All pallet racking frames will stood and held into place with pallet racking load beams.
  • All pallet racking frames will be straightened, levelled and then squared up.
  • All pallet racking frame spacers will be installed where necessary.
  • All pallet racking frames will be bolted to the floor with expansion bolts. We use 2 bolts per foot plate for pallet racking services by machines.
  • All pallet racking load beams will be locked into place as per the layout drawing.
  • Any additional accessories such as; Load Signs, Corner Protectors, Mesh Decks, Particleboard Sheets, Board Support Bars or Rack Armour Protectors will be installed or fitted into place.

Please note: Our installations include all required levelling plates, expansion bolts, labour, tools, and safety cages. The customer will need to supply Better Racking Solutions with access to 240 volt power and a suitable forklift. If these items are not available please notify us as soon as possible.

Relocations – Better Racking Solutions can arrange for the pull down, transportation and re-installation of most brands. Our installers have had experience working with almost every brand of pallet racking on the market. All work carried out by Better Racking Solutions conforms to Australian Safety Standards.  When relocating Pallet Racking and Shelving we disassemble the system, pack and strap and we will load a truck if necessary.
In the case of Pallet Racking that has been fixed to the floor, Better Racking Solutions will cut off any part of the expansion bolt still exposed. In some cases the landlord may request that any hole left over from the expansion bolt be filled with either a concrete or resin based filler. In extreme cases some landlords may request the the entire expansion bolt be 'core drilled' and removed then the remaining hole filled. In either case Better Racking Solutions can organise this on your behalf.
Safety Inspections - Better Racking Solutions can regularly return to conduct rack inspections to ensure that your investment remains with the parameters of the Australian Standard.
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