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There are many different types of shelving ranging from Light to Heavy Duty applications.

Pallet Rack ShelvingPallet Rack Shelving

Pallet Rack Shelving uses Pallet Racking frames with various light and medium duty beams depending on load requirements of the product. This style of shelving can be beneficial for the business that likes to store their pallets directly above picking shelves for ease of restocking.

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Long Span ShelvingLong Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving is like a scaled down version of Selective Pallet Racking. The beams have a recessed inside edges so the shelf actually sits level with the top of the beam. This eliminates any need for screwing the shelf down.

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Rivet ShelvingRivet Shelving

Rivet Shelving is a boltless shelving system. Rivet Shelving locks together using rivets on the shelving beams that slot into keyholes in the vertical posts. Much like the Long Span Shelving the shelving beams have a recessed inside edge so that the shelf site level with the top of the beam, eliminating an need for screwing the shelf down.

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rolled-edge-type-shelvingRolled Edge Type Shelving


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