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A racking solution for Kortek

Company: Kortek Pty Ltd (Australia) Kortek Australia is the distributor of Kortek Corporation and the business is in involved in Industrial Display development and protection, Casino Display, IWB – Interactive White Board, Medical Monitors, PID- Public Information Display, Multi Display, Custom LCD and Touch Solutions

Industry: Display solutions for the entertainment and gaming machine industry.

Location: Currently servicing Australia

Challenges: A racking solution for Kortek presented situation challenges that meant a standard Selective Pallet Racking solution would not work in this situation.

Kortek had purchased a new forklift from Crown lift trucks. This type of forklift is a straddle type that has legs extended out the front of the machine. This presented two problems or the pallet racking system required.

Firstly this limits the options of pallet racking and secondly the straddle legs may hit truck wheels when loading and unloading trucks.

In addition Kortek also had custom pallets built to suit their stock requirements that were outside of the standard pallet size. A standard pallet is 1165mm x 1165mm in footprint with Korteks’ pallets varying from as little as 780mm x 1100mm to 1390mm x 1100mm. The pallets are odd sizes and also are not of suitable construction to use on standard pallet racking.

Moreover, Kortek also needed future proofing enabling the storage of heavier pallets on the lower beam levels if the need ever arose. Generally, pallet racking is load rated uniformly therefore to ensure the racking was safe we needed to indicate the split rating of the pallet racking.

Solution: Better Racking Solutions worked with Kortek to come up with the following solutions.

Whilst an option would have been to customise the racking to suit the forklift this still left Kortek with potential problems when loading trucks. Therefore, following extensive research and utilising the Crown lift trucks website Better Racking Solutions was able to suggest a more applicable forklift. Thus opening up options for a pallet racking solution.

The custom made Kortek pallets were ideal for use on the ground and for transporting on trucks, however these pallets could not be stored securely on standard pallet racking. The pallets lacked the support runners that sit on the pallet racking load beams. This left us with a single option that was to have a covering that sat on each beam level.  The best covering in this situation was a Mesh Deck. A Mesh Deck is a sheet of wire mesh with built in supports allowing a pallet of any size to be stored on the racking without risk of the pallet falling off.

The racking was originally designed to store pallets of up to 600kg. Kortek was happy with this load rating for the top beam level however, wanted to look at a higher capacity for the lower beam level. We then boosted the capacity of the lower beam level to support 1,000kg pallets. To avoid any confusion in regards to capacity we installed 2 load signs stating the different ratings and installed load-rating stickers on every upgraded beam level.

Results: Kortek ended up with a slightly customised Selective Pallet Racking solutions that exactly matched their needs and still allowed for flexibility in the future.

A racking solution for Kortek