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Thomas and Betts

Thomas and BettsCompany: Thomas & Betts Bringing the Power of Electricity into Your Life

Every day, everywhere, hundreds of millions of electrical products get plugged in. From personal care appliances to industrial production machinery, we depend upon electricity to support the life we enjoy. It takes a lot more than an outlet on the wall to bring the power of electricity into our lives. It takes boxes and fittings. Connectors and fasteners. Wiring duct and terminal. Cable tray and superstrut. Grounding and insulation. Dropline hardware and high voltage rubber goods. Transmission poles and towers.

Industry: Electrical and Communication componentry

Location: Australia


  • TNB had a short time frame to quote, decide and install the racking.
  • The customer had a diverse range of products and needed to allocate different pallet heights to different areas of the racking
  • The particleboard shelving did not satisfy the landlord requirements for fire regulations

Solution: Better Racking Solutions was able to design the warehouse, source the quantity required and obtain acceptance for the project in just over 2 weeks. Installation was completed within the remaining 5 week time frame.

Better Racking Solutions successfully included in the layout design 10 different bay layouts.

Better Racking Solutions manage to supply galvanised mesh decks to meet landlords fire regulations

Results: The customer received a highly customised layout and designed that exactly suited their needs while conforming to all Australian Standards relating to Selective Pallet Racking and fire safety.

Challenges: Thomas and Betts needed to source and install a pallet racking solution in a short time frame. Not only was the customer setting up this new warehouse they were also relocating their head office into the same location. Therefore, the less time they could spend on the warehouse set-up the more time that could be spent organise the head office relocation.
The layout design needed to allow for 7 different pallet types, drive through bays, shelving and forklift charge stations. The customer wanted certain pallets and shelving types to be in specific positions in the warehouse.

The original quotation supplied by Better Racking Solutions specified Particleboard shelves with steel supports bars. The landlord did not like this option as they considered it to add additional fire risk to the warehouse. The landlord preferred a mesh type system that allowed water to pass through in the event of a fire.

Solution: Better Racking Solutions was able to design a highly customised layout for TNB which exactly suited their needs in a very short time frame. Installation was completed in just over week, well before the customers’ required finish time. As a bonus to the customer Better Racking Solutions was also able to offer the customer a part of the of the job in second hand material in excellent condition. This second hand materials represented a 14% saving off the expected final price.

After extensive consultation with the customer, Better Racking Solutions managed to rearrange the warehouse to suit the customers’ preferred layout. Better Racking Solutions also had to implement a system to ensure that the correct bay layouts were installed in the correct position during installation.

Better Racking Solutions changed the proposal to include Mesh Decks with inbuilt supports. While the mesh decks are slightly more expensive they allow water to pass through them in the event of a fire. The Mesh Decks also more resistant to damaged and much easier to install and move if required.

Thomas and Betts
Thomas and Betts Thomas and Betts
Thomas and Betts Thomas and Betts
Thomas and Betts