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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking uses a many arms, horizontally in a line, that support long items such as lengths of timber, piping or sheet products. Cantilever racking can be many arms wide and high to allow for even the longest items. This style of racking is generally custom designed for individual stock and warehouse requirements.

Cantilever Racking uprights can be made in in most heights from 2.4m up, in 600mm increments. The Cantilever upright can generally hold up from 2,000kg up to 16,000kg per upright, when used in the double sided format.

All Cantilever Racking uprights require a base to stop the Cantilever Racking from falling forwards or backwards. The Cantilever Racking bases are available in both sided and double sided formats. All Cantilever Racking uprights are punched with holes for double sided format in production. The length of the Cantilever Racking base is directly dependent on the length of the Cantilever Racking arms as they must be the same length. The Cantilever Racking based are very strong and load may be placed on them when using the Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking arms are generally available from 750mm long up to 1,800mm in 150mm increments. The Cantilever Racking arms vary from being able to support 200kg up to 1,000kg. The Cantilever Racking arm may be placed at any height on the Cantilever Racking upright in 100mm increments. The Cantilever racking upright can take as many Cantilever Racking arms that can be safely used up to the total available load rating.

Each individual Cantilever Racking upright is braced to the upright next to it with horizontal and cross bracing. The Cantilever Racking bracing forms 2 purposes; firstly ensure that the Cantilever racking is stable and will not fall over when loaded, and secondly to ensure the Cantilever Racking uprights are kept at a specific distance apart. When quoting on Cantilever Racking this spacing is mentioned as the load centre and is the measurement of the middle of one Cantilever Racking arm to the middle of the next arm. The load centres are generally available from 750mm up to 1,800mm in 150mm increments.

Cantilever racking can vary in height, load centre width, weight loads, arm length and single and double sided formats. For this reason we do not always hold stock of every item that is available for Cantilever Racking.

Better Racking Solutions are able to offer the following brands of Cantilever Racking:

If you would like to know more about the individual specifications of each brand, please click on the links above.


Cantilever Racking
Cantilever Racking Cantilever Racking Cantilever Racking


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