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Pallet Rack Mezzanine

Company: Soxon Pty Ltd t/as A & K Filter is an Australian manufacturer of air filters and a supplier of kitchen exhaust filters.

Industry: Filters and Filter Services

Location: Ingleburn NSW 2565 (Sydney Metro)

Challenges: The Mezzanine was located in an existing warehouse of a business that the customer had purchased and needed to be relocated into their existing business’s premises. The Mezzanine was poorly built and had had many additions that were unsafe and not structurally sound.

The customer needed to pull the Mezzanine down however, wanted to retain the timber joists and flooring sheets to reuse them in their current warehouse. Most of the Mezzanine was nailed together hence, extra care was needed to pry apart the components in order to minimise damage.

Stairs to the Mezzanine were welded directly to the structure so careful cutting of the stairs was required to ensure the stairs were able to be re-purposed.

Solution: The new Pallet Racking Mezzanine was designed with the existing components in mind. We kept the depth of the Pallet Rack Mezzanine the same as the existing Mezzanine so that the timber joists and flooring sheets could be reused.

As the existing stairs were welded to the old Mezzanine a steel fabricator created brackets for the stairs. This allowed the stairs to be easily attached to the Pallet Rack Mezzanine and be easily removed at a later stage as required.

The new Pallet Rack Mezzanine is 158 square metres in size and was designed to carry people traffic and 10kg rolls of foam. The Pallet Rack Mezzanine was finished with Aluminium kick plates, 2 ‘ball and tube’ sliding, loading gates (2,100mm opening) and a 1.2m high safety railing.

The customer was able to pull down components from one Structural Mezzanine and reuse in a Pallet Rack Mezzanine at a different location. Reusing these products help to reduce the cost of the new Pallet Rack Mezzanine.

Pallet Rack Mezzanine

Pallet Rack Mezzanine

Pallet Rack Mezzanine

Pallet Rack Mezzanine