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Warehouse Safety and Rack Armour

rack amour

rack amour

Pallet racking generally receives most if its damage around the base of the pallet racking frame post. The damage to the pallet racking frame is generally due to forklift or pallet impact. The Rack Armour product is a very simple and effective product to help minimise the damage done to pallet racking. This product simply wraps around the front upright post of a pallet racking frame. The Rack Armour is stretched open to fit around the base of the pallet racking post and reverts back to its original form, hugging the pallet racking post tightly. This eliminates any need to mechanically fix the Rack Armour to the pallet racking or into the concrete floor.
Rack Armour is made up of 2 components; the outer shell and the inner diffuser foam.

  • The outer shell of the Rack Armour is made from ballistics grade polymer, similar to that used in bullet proof vests. Along with the curved design, the high density polymer helps the Rack Armour to deflect the majority of any impact reducing damage to both upright and vehicle.
  • The inner diffuser foam acts to absorb substantial impact and has been specifically designed for use in Rack Armour. The diffuser basically spreads the impact over a larger rather than on a single point like most other products available in the market.

The benefits of using Rack Armour to protect your pallet racking over other steel protectors are:

  • Will not rust.
  • High visibility yellow
  • Comes in 3 heights – 600mm, 400mm and 300mm
  • Has different sizes to suit most pallet racking systems
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • CARDNO tested
  • Can be easily adjusted and moved
Warehouse Safety and Rack Armour