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Do Your Homework Before Buying Pallet Racking

When considering the type, brand and supplier for you pallet racking you should evaluate various criteria prior to purchasing to ensure you make the correct choices. Firstly, your criteria will be the quality of the racking system you require.


In Australia pallet racking is not allowed to be used unless the pallet racking system conforms to the Australian Standard AS 4084-2012. To achieve this certification the racking needs to be tested and passed for strength and durability. Once this certification has been achieved the manufacturer will know the load limits that can be placed on the racking system. If a system has not been tested to the Australian Standard then the manufacturer's claims of strength cannot be substantiated. Always ensure that your pallet racking supplier can substantiate their racking system is tested and approved to the current Australian Standard AS 4084-2012.

The various pallet racking brands manufacture their racking in different factories in different countries and consequently there can be differences in quality and finish. Whilst it may not be feasible to visit the manufacturing plant to view the quality of the pallet racking, you can ask to see the pallet racking in action. Whether the racking is being used in their own warehouse or a customer's warehouse of a job recently completed, a 'touch and feel' of the racking will give you an idea of the quality.

In addition ask if there is any warranty on the racking you are purchasing. Generally new racking will always have a warranty of sorts which you need to clarify. This will give you piece of mind that any problems that may occur during the warranty period will be taken care of at no cost to you.

Once you've completed your due diligence on the purchasing of your pallet racking system you now need to clarify that the racking installation is also to Australian Standards?

In Australia your racking and your racking installation both have to meet Australian Standards. Racking needs to be leveled to ensure even weight distribution, squared-up to ensure the load beams connect to the frames correctly, load rated with signage to ensure the racking isn't overloaded. Pallet racking should also have at least 2 fixing bolts per foot attaching the racking to the ground.

Always ensure that your supplier is meeting all of the Australian Standard as well as having your pallet racking fully insured for both Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. Should anything go wrong you need to make sure that there is no financial liability or on costs for you business and that in fact your job will be completed.

Do Your Homework Before Buying Pallet Racking