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What You Need to Consider Before Purchasing a Pallet Racking System

When considering the type of pallet racking system your warehouse will require there will be vital information you will need in order to make the correct decision. Cost consideration issues will commence with the financial feasibility of actually moving into a bigger warehouse? This may appear to be a simple question on the surface as your immediate and apparent needs may strongly suggest that the solution is to move into a larger warehouse.

However, there will be variables that can impact upon you in the long term by making the incorrect decision in the short term. So as long as you work through your cost benefit process you will avoid many obvious pitfalls. For example, in property market downturn periods many landlords can be very negotiable. Hence, companies are able to secure much bigger warehouses for the same costs as their present situation plus moving expenses. In some instances this may even negate the need for a pallet racking system in the short term and allow for future growth in the long term. Therefore, the need to purchase new pallet racking may in fact be negated by moving into a new larger warehouse. Conversely, downsizing and utilizing more effective pallet racking solutions may be the best option.

Next is the analysis of what are the items that you store or need to be stored? As an Australian based company your immediate consideration regarding storage of your stock is your current use of a standard Australian pallet? The majority of pallet racking systems are designed to fit standard Australian pallets of 1165mm x 1165mm. If your items are larger than this size then they will not fit and you will require a customised pallet, together with a customised pallet racking system design.

If your items are smaller than this size then determining how you will stack your items on the pallet will be of great assistance. Once you have determined how your stock will sit on pallets will then allow you to work out the measurements and total weights of the pallets. At this stage a solution can be calculated and recommended to the ideal type of pallet racking system that is needed.

Are you aware of the type of lifting device that will be used in your warehouse? The type of lifting device can determine what pallet racking systems are available. Not all lifting devices can be used with all types of pallet racking systems. Different lifting devices require different aisle and turning space in within which to operate. Also consideration to potential upgrades to lifting devices that may make it incompatible with your pallet racking system need to be thought through. If the lifting device is not a critical factor then the ideal lifting device can be specifically chosen to suit the pallet racking system.

Once you have worked through these issues then you're ready to speak to a pallet racking supplier who can evaluate your criteria and provide you with your perfect solution. Alternatively you can speak with a pallet racking solutions expert at the beginning of your project to make the process even simpler.

What You Need to Consider Before Purchasing a Pallet Racking System