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New Pallet Racking versus Used Pallet Racking


The question between New and Used Pallet Racking is a common dilemma for companies when deciding on their pallet racking needs. There are pros and cons for both new and used Pallet Racking and hence careful consideration is needed.


Used pallet racking will generally always be cheaper than new pallet racking. There are many aspects that affect the price of used pallet racking such as; availability, quality, brand and demand. These factors cause the price to constantly rise and fall according to the factors that are strongest at the time.


The quality of used pallet racking can never be guaranteed. Even if the pallet racking looks to be in excellent condition no one can be sure of how the racking has been used in the past. The pallet racking may have been overload on many occasions without the owner being aware. Occasionally, pallet racking can also be stored outside causing rust to form. Both of these factors can weaken the steel so that it can no longer supports the weight that it was originally intended to support.

New pallet racking is usually backed by a warranty that guarantees the ability of the racking to perform its duty and stay standing for a certain period of time.

Availability of Parts

From time to time pallet racking repairs will almost always need to be carried out. Therefore, the availability of similar pallet racking items or parts is important. Having multiple types of pallet racking such as commonly found three (3) different types of racking in one warehouse can be confusing for employees. Therefore, ensuring that a uniform load rating system can be enforced and racking repaired as it is damaged, are both very important.

New pallet racking usually has all the safety mechanisms included with the sale and installation. However, if price is the main issue, inspect the used pallet racking carefully and ensure the racking is installed to Australian Standards.

New Pallet Racking versus Used Pallet Racking