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Board support bars

Board Supports Bars are used to support timber sheet products such as Particleboard, MDF and Plywood, when used as shelving. The Board Support Bar sits underneath the timber product and supports the shelf by helping to redirect the stress from the load back to the supporting load beams.

Board Supports Bars exist for most shelving products such as Pallet Rack Shelving, Long Span Shelving and Rivet Shelving. Shorter depth/width shelves don't require Board Support Bars and we generally only recommend them for shelves deeper than about 835mm. The Board Support Bars usually add between 150kg and 200kg in additional load capacity to the timber shelving. This additional load capacity is dependant on the type and thickness of the timber product as well as the depth/width of the shelf.

An alternative product for timber sheeting and Board Support Bars is Mesh Decks. Mesh Decks are a steel mesh with support bars welded to the underside. To view more information on Mesh Decks please CLICK HERE.

Board support bars