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Mesh Deck

Mesh Decks are used either when bulky items or non-standardised pallets need to be stored on Pallet Racking. Mesh Decks consist of either a 25mm x 100mm or 50mm x 100mm mesh that sits on top of the pallet racking load beams to form a shelf. The mesh bends over the front and back of the pallet racking load beams to prevent the mesh sliding off the pallet racking. The Mesh Decks on their own are not very strong so they usually have supports welded to the underside of the Mesh Deck. The Mesh Deck supports help redirect the load from the middle of the Mesh Deck back to the pallet racking load beams.

The Mesh Deck supports are usually a U shape support, however inverted supports are also available if you are concerned with dust or moisture/water building up in the support. Mesh Decks are 70% open and allow all dust and water to drop down to the ground for easy cleaning. The Mesh Decks are finished with a zinc coating for standard use inside the warehouse. For a small premium Mesh Decks are also available in Pre-Gal for use in freezers and wet areas.

Mesh Decks are available in the following sizes and combinations:

  • Mesh pitch – 25mm x 100mm and 50mm x 100mm
  • Mesh Deck depth – 381mm, 600mm, 840mm, 900mm, 1070mm, 1170mm, and 1220mm
  • Mesh channel – standard and inverted
  • Mesh Deck width – 1250mm and 1350mm
  • Mesh Deck load requirements – 200kg up to 1,000kg

Also available are dividers and binning options. There are panels that run left to right and dividers that run front to back. There are also front and back panels available.

  • Dividers and panels heights – 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm
  • Front to back divider depth – 840mm
  • Left to right panel length  – 1250mm and 1350mm

Mesh Decks are great for pick and pack operations that store bulky goods that don’t want a timber product that may damage easily and produce dust. The Mesh Decks are also perfect for pallets that are not designed to safely fit on Australian Pallet Racking. Often non-standard pallets will collapse or break if they are not sufficiently supports across the entire base of the pallet.

Mesh Deck
Mesh Deck Mesh Deck
Mesh Deck Mesh Deck2
Mesh Deck