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Warehouse Safety

Better Racking Solutions considers warehouse safety as a top priority when designing and installing any pallet racking solution. The implementation of Load and Maintenance signs as well as Mesh Safety walls and designated pedestrian walkways are some of the items that Better Racking Solutions will suggest.

Load and Maintenance signs are fixed to all pallet racking systems to indicate how much load the pallet racking can support. Weights are show in kilograms and noted as the SWL or Safe Working Load. All load ratings on pallet racking are usually UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer or their agent. Load signs let any employee know the weight capacity the the pallet racking can support to ensure that the pallet racking is not overloaded. Overloaded pallet racking can fail causing the pallet racking around it to collapse as well. Not only can a rack collapse injure employees, however it can also destroy a lot of stock as well.

Mesh Safety Walls are generally a stand off, pallet racking, post system bolted to the rear of a Selective Pallet Racking system. Mesh Safety Walls are generally used when there is pedestrian traffic behind a row of Selective Pallet Racking. The Safety Mesh stops loose boxes or stock items from falling from a pallet that is being placed or removed from the pallet racking. Regardless of how heavy an item is, if the stock items fall from a great height it could seriously injure an employee.


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Warehouse Safety