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Load Signs

Load Signs are generally placed on racking to indicate the maximum load that can be safely stored. In the case of Selective Pallet Racking, Double Deep Selective Pallet Racking and Narrow Aisle Selective Pallet Racking, the load sign is mandatory. If any of these systems are being used purely as shelving and have no interaction with any mechanical devices, then they do not require a load sign. Better Racking Solutions still highly recommends load signs be placed on all storage systems.

Load Signs need to display the following information:

  • Unit Load – The maximum load per Australian standard pallet.
  • Beam Level Load – The maximum load per beam level, generally equals the load of 2 pallets.
  • Total Bay Load – This is the total load that a single bay can safely support. Generally the Beam Level Load times the number of beam levels.
  • The maximum allow distance from the ground to the first beam level.
  • The maximum distance allowed from the first beam level to the second beam level.
  • The standard the load sign applies to.
  • Who supplied the racking.
  • Who designed the layout.
  • The installation date.
  • Who manufactured the racking.*

*Under Australian law if the product is produced overseas the importer takes on the legal responsibilities of the manufacturer. Therefore the importers name may appear here.

Load Sign

Load and Safety signs