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Splice Kits

Splice Kits are designed to join 2 uprights together to form a longer upright. Splice Kits can be used where the full length upright may not be available and 2 shorter uprights of suitable strength are available. Uprights are used to build frames for all the Pallet Racking systems, Safety Mesh Walls and also Pallet Rack Mezzanines.

A Splice Kit generally consists of:

  • Splice Plates - Splice plates are pieces of steel fabricated to conform to the inside profile of the upright
  • Bracing Blocks - Bracing blocks sit in between the splice plates and ensure a snug fit.
  • Nuts and Bolts - Bolt the entire kit together.

The Australian Standard sets out guidelines for when and how Spice Kits should be used. If a Splice Kit is used incorrectly it can actually weaken the upright so that is can no longer support the intended load. Each make and model of racking usually has a different splice kit so ensure you know what type of racking you have before you call us about this product.

Splice Kits