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Drive in Pallet Racking

Drive-in racking is named because the forklift actually ‘Drives Into’ the racking. This system uses a first in last out style of storage. It is generally used to store quantities of the same product that may be held such as seasonal stock. It works similar to product on a supermarket shelf; the first product is put on the shelf at the back, then similar products are place in front of it and the last product on the shelf is the first one removed by the customer. Not only do the pallets stack front to back, but there can be many levels high as well. This is a very high density storage method as it virtually eliminates wasted aisle space.


Our Standard Pallet Racking frames include:

2.438m, 3.048m, 3.658m, 4.267m, 4.877m, 5.486m, 6.096m, 6.706m, right up to 10.0 metres.

Generally our pallet racking frames are finished with blue powder coated posts and galvanised bracing. Where your pallet racking solution will be used inside a warehouse away from the weather, this is our standard system that will last for our entire guarrantee period. If your pallet racking system is likely to be exposed to the sun, water or in a freezer, we would normally suggest a galanvised pallet racking post as well. The galvanising process adds a hardened zinc coating to the steel instead of the standard powder coating. The galvanised pallet racking frames are slightly more expansive to purchase, however it will allow the pallet racking to look better and operate for a longer period of time. The pallet racking load beams are generally powder coated orange.

For larger projects, Better Racking Solutions can organise for the  Pallet Racking to be powder coated in virtually any colour. The requested colours may be the corporate colours of the business of simply just to fit in with the colours of the existing racking.

Pallet Accessibility varies per design of Drive In Pallet Racking.


Drive In Rack Drive In Rack Drive In Rack
Drive In Rack
Drive in Pallet Racking